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From The Desk Of:
Ross Jeffries, Seduction Teacher

Dear Speed Seduction® Master-In-Training,

Secrets of Speed Seduction® Mastery is the sum result of over a year of teaching and training the members in my elite coaching program. What you will read are the transcripts of my answers to students and instructional video modules, plus the transcripts of our twice-a-month coaching calls.

Think of this book as your "go-to" manual that contains literally hundreds of girl-getting tips and secrets, on your side, in your corner, and at your fingertips, any time you need it.


Let's Hear From Some Of My Students Who Have Achieved
Speed Seduction® Mastery With My Teachings

Here are just a few of the results that students who are members of my Coaching Program, have attended my seminars, or studied my home study courses have achieved by using the exact techniques and methods I teach in Secrets of Speed Seduction® Mastery:

"I have used your techniques to get laid, to combat the telephone games and silly mind games that women instinctively play in order to gain control. I let my new girlfriend know that there will be no games and that she can never control me and every time she tried, she faced losing me and gave up.

This woman adores me, not because I am a hunk (because I am not), not because I am rich (because I am not), but because I know what I want, I go after it, and I don't put up with any shit! So there is no shit and a life without shit is better for both os us. Now there are two people who respect and love me... my girlfriend and best of all ME!"

Pat McMillen
Crestline, CA

"I had more real connections with women during my first week using your pick-up seduction techniques than I had in several months before. Every technique you teach can be applied and becomes more and more effortless to utilize.

A week ago, I would not have been able to deal with obstacles or resistance with such persuasive confidence. A week ago, I would not have found myself in a bathroom at a party being mercilessly stroked by a beautiful woman who couldn't keep her hands off me. The success caught me off-guard as the world is a different place for me now!"

Jason S.
Los Angeles, CA

"I'M GETTING MARRIED! I am 43, bald and by no means wealthy and I am marrying a 28 year old professional woman with red hair who is as near a perfect match for me as possible. Without Speed Seduction® I doubt this would have been possible. THANKS ROSS!

I had very limited success with women until I was over 40 and got into Speed Seduction®. After much study and practice I started to "get it." I began to go through what Ross calls 'The kid in the candy store phase' and had success with women as young as 18, 19, and 20."

John S. Parks
Charleston, SC

"I invited a former girlfriend to lunch on Wednesday and ran the "falling in love pattern" on her. On Saturday, I called her again and this time I ran the "instantaneous connection pattern" on her. Now, this girl never said 'I love you' the entire time we were together and she was rude and cold to me the entire time we were together. NOW, when she got out of the car she reached over and gave me the most passionate kiss she has ever given me and said 'I LOVE YOU!' Fantastic!"

J. Palmer
Los Angeles, CA


Secrets of Speed Seduction® Mastery Is Your "Crash Course"
That Gives You A Roadmap For Girl-Getting Success

Alright: I know you want to "cut to the chase" and learn exactly what's in this book. So let's get to it.

The five lessons and 21 modules contained within Secrets of Speed Seduction® Mastery are organized in a stepwise, sequential way, where we work quickly through the principal areas that you need to master in order to get the women you really want.

I selected the lessons and modules in this book and organized them so that when you read it cover to cover, you end up with a step-by-step formula for overcoming barriers and blocks, mastering your mindset, nailing your inner game, approaching women, Sarging, and staying in practice and continously flexing and toning your girl-getting prowess.

Let's go through what you'll find between the covers of Secrets of Speed Seduction® Mastery:

Getting Up To Speed With Speed Seduction®

Before we get into the "main course" of the book, we begin with an overview of the concepts, beliefs, and structures that need to be in place so you can master all of the modules contained within the book. In this section you will find the first 5 lessons, which are:

  • Concepts, Cognitions, and Understandings
  • Speed Seduction® Tools
  • Embedded Commands, Suggestions, Weasel Phrases, and Trance Words
  • Conversational Frameworks, Transition Phrases, etc.
  • Your State of Mind

Overcoming And Managing Approach Anxiety

In order to succeed with women, you first have to handle whatever it is that makes you nervous, anxious, tongue-twisted, or otherwise stops you in your tracks every time you see a woman you want to meet. In Secrets of Speed Seduction® Mastery we delve into this through four powerful teaching modules, in which I respond directly to specific challenges posed to members of my elite Coaching Program:

  • Shutting Down Around Hot Women
  • How to Act in Social Settings
  • Self-Conscious About Approaching Women
  • Break Through Approach Anxiety

Nailing Your "Inner Game"

When it comes to succeeding with women, there are two parts to your game. One of them is "outer game," which manifests itself through how you "show up attractive" not only to women, but to the world in general. The other is "inner game," which is what motivates you from within and drives your thoughts, intentions, and beliefs toward getting the women you really want. We delve into this through four powerful modules:

  • Using Inner Game
  • Special Change Work, Part 2
  • Process for Installing Beliefs
  • Preparing for Your Sarge


OK: now you're ready to powerfully, confidently, and effortlessly walk up to her. Question: what are you going to say to her? We get into that in these powerful modules:

  • Pick Up Power
  • Implications and Implied Compliments
  • Openers for Meeting Women


Now, you've gotten your girl-getting game handled, and you've stepped up and opened the conversation with her. Now, it's time to harness her vibe and machinery and have her join you on an adventure of fun, excitement, and pleasure. This is my favorite part! You'll be turning pages like crazy as we explore:

  • How to Transition into Language Patterns
  • How to Use Anchors
  • When to Get Hypnotic With Women
  • Kissing and Getting Physical with Women
  • Sexual State Accelerators, Part 1
  • Sexual State Accelerators, Part 2
  • Dealing With Last Minute Resistance

Practicing Speed Seduction®

I've said it to my students many times: the object is not to simply use these techniques to succeed with one woman. The real goal is to not only succeed with her, but also hone and strengthen the skills that will get you the next ten women as well. With that in mind, we wrap up with:

  • The Power of R.A.B.B.I.T.P.
  • 90-Day Speed Seduction® Skill Plan
  • Overall Structure of Speed Seduction®


Imagine What It Will Be Like...

Stay with me for just a moment and imagine.

You go to our secure order page and buy the book, Secrets of Speed Seduction® Mastery.

You create space for yourself to read it cover-to-cover, immersing yourself in the proven strategies that will get you more of the women you truly desire, without resorting to what I call the "5 Bs" (bullying, begging, buying, BS, and booze... and biceps... okay that's six "Bs" but you get my point).

You continually refer back to the book, re-reading and re-skimming the easy-to-digest, exciting-to-master modules contained within the book as you hone and fine-tune your girl-getting game.

Now, fast-forward, say, ten weeks, once you've had ample opportunity to practice and master these concepts, when you start right now:

Not only having the confidence, but actually having it be commonplace and routine, to walk right up to any woman, anytime, anywhere.

Knowing that if she throws you a curveball, you’ll not only catch it, but you’ll pitch it back (straight into her glove). And you’ll score a home run with her.

Instead of being a guy who waits, you’ll be a man who powerfully claims his choice of the most beautiful, appealing, exciting, compatible women.

Hell, imagine within ten weeks, going from a dry spell to getting laid repeatedly. One of my students tells me again and again how in less than ten weeks (more like 20 days) he went from hoping that some hot chick might like him someday, to hoping he remembered to pick up the other bedclothes from the laundry because he had a “squirter” in his bed.

It takes effort. It takes sticktoitiveness. So does learning to ride a bicycle. But once you acquire and master the skills, you’ll be two-wheeling for life.

What will YOUR life be like in ten weeks from now?


Want MORE Proof That Buying This Book Is The Action You Need To Take
To Start Mastering Your Girl-Getting Game?

Look: just like riding a bicycle, the first step to getting started is.... geting started.

Let's hear from a couple more students who not only have learned to ride, but have achieved a level of Speed Seduction® Mastery that has them doing one-wheel stands... and so much more:

"One of the first things I did upon arriving home from your seminar was to take all of my psychic books, and throw them all in the garbage. Just ONE of the several principles you taught filled in the missing gaps in all the psychic, remote influence, remote viewing information that I had ever encountered.

Did we learn a billion new techniques? No, just four that make all the difference in the world. I must say that Ross has a way of trimming out all the bullshit and ceremony. He boils down all the skills to an easy to understand method of psychic influence without all the crystal balls, and B.S. trappings. There is a preponderance of crap out there about psychic stuff... hell, nearly ALL of it is crap... AND you won't find any crap in Ross' material.

What I found is something I've wanted for years - training to be a REAL Jedi Knight. Not in the superficial sense of the mindless Star Wars fanatics, but in the sense of learning how to be a more extraordinary being and wield the extraordinary abilities that come with that."

Walter Terry
Woodinville, WA

"I have taken 20-25 other seminars in the last ten years on various topics (of a similar nature) to this seminar. It is my well-informed opinion that Ross Jeffries delivers far more useful information in a fun, easy-to-absorb environment than some of the world's most famous, over-priced wimpy teachers who have NO STAKE in my getting the info wired in. I have no reservations recommending all his products and seminars, and have in fact insisted that many of my friends and employees learn from the best of the best - Ross Jeffries."

Bruce Nelkin
Scarsdale, NY

Really, at this point I have only one question....

The Women Are Waiting... So What Are You Waiting FOR?

Now is the time to take action. Get your exclusive copy of Secrets of Speed Seduction® Mastery right now.

You know you want to. You know you NEED to. You know you are ready for this.

Let's get started now!

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Ross Jeffries
Founder, Speed Seduction®
Author, Secrets of Speed Seduction® Mastery

P.S. I know. there is so much to learn, and the biggest question on the minds of so many smart guys like you, men who are often successful in their lives overall and who kick ass all the time at work, in business, at play, and in everything they do, but just need to get their girl-getting game (this one area of life) handled: HOW DO I GET STARTED NOW?

Secrets of Speed Seduction® Mastery is the "jump start" that draws you the map, right into the heart, mind, soul, and other places... of any and every woman you could possibly want. Click here to take that all-important first step.


"...The undisputed father of modern seduction is Ross Jeffries."
- Neil Strauss, "The Game"

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