Tailor-Made, Custom-Design Personal Coaching With Ross Jeffries

For serious players only - are YOU ready to step up to the plate?

Dear Speed Seduction® Master-In-Training,

Individual coaching with Ross Jeffries is not cheap. But it's the best out there. You won't find better.

He's helped many smart guys just like you master their girl-getting game and say "goodbye forever" to resorting to bullying, begging, buying, BS, and booze (not to mention that sixth "B", biceps).

This type of individual coaching may take the form of (depending on your needs and his ability to help you):

  • In-person, full-day (or multi-day) experiences;
  • Extensive one-on-one phone coaching
  • Other forms of coaching.

Are you ready for this? Because every experience is individualized, there is no "set rate" or package deal available.

The next step is up to you...

E-mail Ross at rj@seduction.com with the subject line "I Want One-On-One Coaching" and state your case for why you are uniquely eligible.

IMPORTANT: be sure to include your telephone number, best e-mail address to be reached at, and the specific challenges you need help mastering. Ross or a member of his team will then be in touch within two (2) business days to review the next steps and/or schedule a time for a phone conversation.


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